Bigg Boss OTT Review, Contestants List, Box Office Result, Hit Or Flop On OTT?

Bigg Boss OTT has officially released on VOOT app on 8 pm on August 8, 2021. This is the first time Bigg Boss is coming up with its OTT version and with a new host Karan Johar rather than Salman Khan. This Bigg Boss OTT first premiere episode screen time is around 3 hours 34 minutes, though the audience can see this Bigg Boss OTT live 24×7 from their mobile phone or computer by paying a monthly amount of 149 and 299 annually. Bigg Boss OTT is a 6 week long show and the contestants have a full chance to win this show by winning hearts of the audience. Interestingly, Bigg Boss OTT will not be premiered on Television. The daily episode of Bigg Boss OTT will be released at 7 pm from Monday to Saturday. Karan Johar will host the sunday episode of Bigg Boss OTT at 8 pm.


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This theme of this Bigg Boss OTT is to #StayConnected that means a female contestant has a choice to pick up a male contestant and they together can win Bigg Boss OTT. If the connection between these male-female jodi break than they will be nominated or even evicted from this show. Karan Johar brings a fresh vibe as a host and he seems to be perfect for Bigg Boss OTT Host.

Bigg Boss OTT Contestants List:

  1. Raqesh Bapat: He is a famous TV and Bollywood actor who is still single and charming. He is 42 year-old and his ex-wife is TV actress Ridhi Dogra. This season he is one of the hot favorite among girls. He is the first entry in Bigg Boss OTT.
  2. Zeeshan Khan: He is a YouTuber and famously known for his bathrobe stunt at an Airport which made him popular. Karan Johar tagged him as a wannabe Ranveer Singh for his looks and swag. He indeed came on a show with a bathrobe and danced in that costume with Karan Johar. He entered the show as second contestant.
  3. Millind Gaba: He is a popular Punjabi singer and Karan Johar tagged him as Chotta Badshah. He is also a lyricist and music composer. He entered the show as third contestant.
  4. Nishant Bhat: He is one of the famous choreographer of Bollywood and TV reality show. He is currently liked with Dance Deewane show and now entered as Bigg Boss OTT as fourth contestant. Nishant says he like gossiping and bitching. He is the fourth contestant entered in this show.
  5. Karan Nath: He debuted in Bollywood with 2001 film Paagalpan and also worked in Yeh Dil Aashiqanaa that turned out to be a hit one. Soon after that his career faded away and he is returning after 14 long years in front of camera. He is the fifth contestant of this show.
  6. Pratik Sehajpal: He is a fitness freak and a law graduate. He even did few reality shows including Ace Of Space Season 1. First he had issues with Zeeshan, than with female contestant Shamita, Urfi, Akshara and nearly everyone. He is the sixth contestant of this show.
  7. Shamita Shetty: She is the first female contestant and the seventh contestant in this show. She is the younger sister of Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty. Despite having some issues in current life, Shamita ended up being in this reality show. As we says, all girls had a task to choose their male partner. Here, Shamita got two options between Rakesh and Karan and she chose the former one.
  8. Urfi Javed: She is a social media influencer and even a fashionista. Urfi speaks a lot and goes on to say that she is a big fan of Karan Johar not Shah Rukh Khan. She entered the house as 8th contestant. She got chance to choose two men and they were Zeeshan and Karan and finally she chose the former one.
  9. Neha Bhasin: She is one of the senior contestants in this younger lot. Neha is a professional singer and the ninth contestant to enter in Bigg Boss OTT. She had two options between Pratik and Millind and she chose the latter one.
  10. Moose Jattana aka Muskan Jattana: She is a 20-years-old social activist and influencer. She has a vivid personality and good with words. Even, all the men did like her personality and termed her a cute girl. She had options to choose between Rakesh and Zeeshan and she chose Nishant. She is the 10th contestant to enter the Bigg Boss OTT.
  11. Akshara Singh: She is a famour Bhojpuri singer who is all set to rule the show as she has an immense following in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. In this show, she had an option to choose between Pratik and Karan and she choose the former one. When, girls in the house asked her why she choosen Pratik, the singer says she likes boys who have attitude. She is the 11th contestant of the house.
  12. Divya Agarwal: She is singer, model and television actress in tinsel town. She is the 12th contestant in Bigg Boss OTT. She is famous for winning MTV Ace of Space season 1. As all the male contestants have been selected except Karan Nath, that means she had no other option to choose. She did pick Karan but wasn’t happy. Even, Karan Nath didn’t liked it at all. In such a scenario, Karan Johar announced the 13th contestant Ridhima.
  13. Ridhima Pandit: She is a famous TV actress and known for working in Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant and Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 9. She entered the show as the 13th and the final contestant. Even she didn’t had an option to choose among men as the only person left was Karan Nath. Karan Johar for the first time gave the choosing option to Karan Nath and he choose Ridhima over Divya as his female connection.

As, Divya Agarwal couldn’t able to get his male connection or partner in the house that means she is nominated for the very first week. If Divya able to impress audience in the first week than she may stay in this show otherwise she had to leave the show after one week.

The production design and set design of this show has been done by Omung Kumar. He made this Bigg Boss house both colorful and interesting. There are 250 plus cameras installed in Bigg Boss OTT.

Bigg Boss OTT first episode budget hasn’t been known to the audience. Though, Bigg Boss OTT budget reportedly be around 6 to 8 crores. Even, Karan Johar’s fees for doing Bigg Boss OTT hasn’t been revealed but it could reportedly be in 20 plus crores.

Altogether, the highlight of this Bigg Boss OTT first episode is Pratik Sehajpal, who has issues with almost everyone. He often fight with his past contestant from previous show Divya Agarwal. Not to forget, Malaika Arora who entered the first premiere episode also added glamour to it.

Bollywood Crazies Ratings: Bigg Boss OTT Episode 1 Review- Average (50 percent out of 100).

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