Bigg Boss Marathi Season 1 Finalists List And Their Chances To Win The Show

Bigg Boss is one of the most controversial reality show and for the first time this show made it to Marathi version and started its telecast from April 15, 2018. Currently, this show is in the last week and the makers have now confirmed the top 6 Finalists.

Earlier, Resham Tipnis was evicted from the show on the last weekend ka vaar, who was a strong contender for the Bigg Boss Trophy. Well, in the last episode it mid-week eviction, it was Sai Lokur who named for elimination. Soon, it was confirmed that it was just a prank and there are now 6 contestants made it to the finals.

Here are the names of top 6 Bigg Boss Marathi Contestants:

1. Pushkar Jog: He was the first who got the ticket to finale. He has proved his worth in this show and played brilliantly throughout. He is a strong contender.

2. Sai Lokur: She has played her game strongly from day 1 and given tough fight to contestants like Smita, Jui, Resham, Megha and boys team too. She has been one of the favourite contestants of Mahesh Manjrekar. She has a great chance of winning the show, as Sai played the game sportingly.

3. Sharmishtha Raut:

She entered the house as a wild card entrant after the show has completed 1 month. Since than, she made sure to get enough votes to remain in the house for a long time. Though, she is not very strong contestant but audience can change her fate.

4. Astad Kale:

One of the most angry and strong contestant, Astad Kale has dominated the show throughout. Earlier he played with a team and later as an individual. Even, Resham Tipnis says after elimination that she would be happy if Astad Win the show. I have a strong feeling that Astad may hold the trophy with around 50 lakhs price money.

5. Megha Dhade:

Megha is one of the irritating character in the house who always has an answer for all the questions. She talks a lot and hit back whenever someone shout at her. She is brave and strong contestant. Though she made several attempts to make audience emotional for not being on work for several years. But, let’s the destiny do his own work. I feel that Megha might not be in the good books of the audience and she may get less votes.

6. Smita Gondkar:

Pappi De girl Smita has entered the house very quietly but soon she started showing her character in the house. She did played in a game for over a month but later she played individual game. She did many mistakes in the house but audience saved her quite a few times. Recently, Resham saved her from the danger zone so that she make it into finals. She is still a weak contestant. Let’s hope for the best for Smita.

Altogether, Bigg Boss Marathi Season 1 finale episode will be telecast on June 22, 2018. We hope the best contestant hold the coveted trophy.

Yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss Marathi was one of the crucial ones as it declared the finalists of the show. So the contestants, who made it to the finale are Megha Dhade, Pushkar Jog, Sharmishtha Raut, Aastad Kale, Sai Lokur and Smita Gondkar. The latest episode had a major twist yesterday, where Bigg Boss announced the name of 5 finalists except Sai Lokur, which made everyone thought that he became the victim of mid-week elimination. Soon, Sai started crying and all co-contestants started consoling her.

Later, Bigg Boss stated it was a prank and 6 are finalists and will compete for the trophy and prize money of Rs 50 lakhs. On the other hand, Megha Dhade was not happy with the courtroom drama and said that she will meet Sai after the finale. Though Sai’s close friend Pushkar Jog congratulated her and thanked Bigg Boss for saving her from mid-week

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