Bigg Boss 11 Day 97 Weekend Ka Vaar Live Updates

This is a crucial day for all the Bigg Boss 11 contestants because one of the housemates will be evicted from the house today. The day starts with a song, where all the housemates wearing each others name tag. They all were behaving like some other contestants as they have to mimic other contestants.


Vikas was wearing Akash name tag and vice versa. Puneesh were wearing Luv’s name tag and vice versa. Shilpa was wearing Hina’s tag and vice versa. Soon, Rani Mukherji enters the house and played with housemates.

Rani first called Puneesh, who mimics Luv and Hina fight. Hina was then called by Rani, where she mimics Shilpa. Then, Shilpa was called on the stage, who mimics Hina and called her Ms. perfectionist. Vikas mimics same as Akash and he nailed it completely. Akash than behaves like Vikas in front of the stage. In this BB school event, Rani Mukherji named Vikas as the best performer.

Soon, Rani was out of the house and Salman had a conversation with the housemates. He said, that why did you all put Akash on No. 1 position in one of the recent tasks. Salman asked everyone that did they played the task honestly. All have said in the same tune that they didn’t want to mess with Akash and that’s why they have given him the first position to stand.

After then, Rani was on the stage with Salman Khan. She promoted her film Hichki, which is set to release on February 23, 2018. They had a great time together and even danced on their favorite track ‘Chandi Ki Daal Par.’

Again, Salman Khan interacted with housemates and told them to perform a task. In this task, the housemates were taken one by one to a closed room, where Salman asked them the question. In this Honestly task, the housemates have to give correct answers to win the trophy. The task was finally won by Hina and Shilpa, who gets the trophy.

The day ends on a good note as Salman Khan says the elimination will be done tomorrow. So, the Sunday Weekend Ka Vaar will be crucial. As per the reports, Luv Tyagi might be the victim of the last elimination in Bigg Boss 11.

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