Actor Zuber K Khan in upcoming cop drama Siren- The Fear produced by Imtiyaz Bhat and M Tasleem and directed by Shameem Sayeed!

Actor Zuber K Khan is an actor who never leaves a stone unturned to entertain the audience. His versatility and determination towards his craft makes him different from the lot. The much loved actor is all set with his next film. Titled ‘Siren- The Fear’ he will be playing a cop in this thriller. Under the banner of Wave Films. 8 song also have been announced which will be releasing soon on all good music platforms with the films announcement.


The movie is a cop thriller and Zuber and other actors will be seen donning the character of a police officer. Speaking about this, Zuber says, “I’m excited for this project. This is the second time I am playing a cop. As an actor playing such meaningful characters is like representing the entire fraternity. I’m truly obliged and grateful. There’s lots of action, drama and entertainment stored. Looking forward to this!”

Producer Imtiyaz Bhat is launching his son Ebadat Bhat in the series with the songs as well ,he said “talent should get good platform and Ebadat got singing, acting and music sense so it’s the right better time for him to get launch with other new and old faces too , producers like us ,should always give chance to new faces and new talented people should grow other than working actors ,talent should b valued !

A famous face Tamkeen khan is also part of the film as the cop as she says playing in the videos and playing in the film is totally different as it’s the big responsibility which I’m looking forward !

Zuber has his other 6 films releases in line up. Siren will also feature actors Shahbaz Khan, Mushtaq khan , Shakti Singh ,Soonia Prajapati, Tamkeen Khan, Abhansh Kumar, Sophia, Ebadat Bhat, Kabir, Parvez, and Ivaanshi Saurabh Mehta. Song and raps are by Ebadat Bhat, who is coming with English Hindi mix rapes and solo singing as well .Amidst all the thriller and adventurous films on screens, it would be exciting to see the magic of this one as it has many good Ensembled good actors !!

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