2Point0 Movie Morning Audience Occupancy And Collection Prediction Day 11 In Hindi

India’s costliest film is on a verge to collect 600 crores worldwide today on its 11th day. So far in Hindi version, 2Point0 has collected over 155 crores and now this film looking to make it into 200 crores club. Now, you must be thinking, is it really possible? Here’s my answer.

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2Point0 has opened today with 45 percent audience occupancy in the morning shows, which means it has a change to collect around 12 to 13 crores. Even, 15 crores is gettable if it performs well in the evening and night shows. That will take the 11 days total around 167 to 168 crores nett. The good thing for this film is, family audience is loving this film in 3D and that’s what makes this film flexible even in the second weekend. The second weekdays will tell the clear picture of how far the collection will go! But, it looks like 190 crores is easily accessible in Hindi version. The strong weekdays in the second week is the only thing that will help this film cross 200 crores lifetime.

Currently, 2Point0 is running in around 2000 t0 2200 screens in Hindi, which will be lowered in the third week. In that case, 2Point0 collection will seeĀ  downfall for sure. Even, 2Point0 collection will further hamper by the release of Aquaman.

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