Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Review, Hit Or Flop In Theaters

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is the latest film in Transformers franchise which started since 2007. This latest film is 2 hours 8 minutes long and has been released in India on June 8, 2023. This film have been released in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu versions in 2D, 3D and other formats.

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Story: So, autobots (robots who take the shapes of cars), who are hiding on Earth and wants to get back to their planet. The leader of autobots Optimus Prime and his team are in search for a key which can help him to get back to the planet. On the other hand, the leader of Terrorcons who is Scourge (villain) is also in search of a key that can invite the Unicron, who eats the planet. To get back to the keys, Optimus Prime took the help from Anthony Ramos aka Noah and Dominique Fishback aka Elena. In this film, even, Maximals have been introduced who are just an autobots but they turn into like animals. So, Optimus Prime took help from humans and Maximals to search for the key, which is the only way to get back to their own planet. Will, Autobots get back to the planet or will Scourge make them run for their money is what you need to watch in this film. One more thing, the film is set in 1994, which is like the story followed after from where Bumblebee (2018) has left.

This film features stars like Ron Perlman, Peter Dinklage, Michelle Yeoh, Michaela JaƩ Rodriguez, Liza Koshy, Pete Davidson and many others.

The early reviews are out and they are mixed to positive so far from across the globe in a range of 2.5 to 3 stars out of 5 stars. Review aggregator website gave 56 percent ratings out of 100 percent on their site.

Bollywood Crazies Opinion: I personally felt nostalgic to watch this film after seen the whole series. Not the best of the film in this series, still it has its own charm to make you crave for more. The cinematography is the highlight of this film along with the visual effects. I feel that this film has strong emotional bonding between autobots and humans, which I felt in every second scene. This is a larger than life kind of cinema which is better to watch in 3D only. The music is arresting and it give strength to the ongoing screenplay. There is also a surprise in the climax that will be liked by the audience. I am a big fan of this franchise and I still feel the charm is still there. The movie is entertaining but it is certainly a predictable one. We hope the next project in this series gives much more material to the audience to watch for. The production value is good and the longer Ariel shots are breathtakingly beautiful. I felt that the 70 mm screens is also small to film like as big as Transformers. Still, I want to be into the world of Transformers and that’s the magic of this series. Talking about the performance, Anthony Ramos stole the show by a big margin as compare to other actors or autobots. Now, its high time that the makers give something new and exciting for the masses rather than repetitive action set pieces, which could bore the audience.

This film has been directed by Steven Caple Jr and the story written by Joby Harold. It have been produced by Don Murphy, Tom Desanto, Lorenzo, Michael Bay, Mark Vahradian and Duncan Henderson. The cinematography has been done by Enrique Chediak and the musical score given by Jongnic Bontemps. The editing work have been handled by Joel Negron and William Goldenberg.

Altogether, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is truly a film worth for your money. The movie is big spectacle and can be easily watched by family audience.

Last Word: Watch it for the humans and maximals. Also watch it for Optimus Prime. Anthony Ramos’ small brother in this movie also stole the show.

Bollywood Crazies Ratings: Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Review- 3.5 stars out of 5 stars.

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