Thugs Of Hindostan Audience Occupancy And Collection Estimates Day 2

Thugs Of Hindostan movie has opened strong on day 1 and seen and average audience Occupancy of around 75 to 80 percent. Well, the second day, the audience Occupancy dropped around 45 percent, which is still understandable.

Despite negative reviews, Thugs Of India has collected 52.75 crores on day 1 in India. But the second day it will seen a decent drop due to negative reviews. Shockingly, multiplexes are showing major drops in footfalls rather than single screens.

Morning Audience Occupancy of day 2 morning show was 35 percent, followed by 50 percent Occupancy in afternoon and 55 percent in evening. The night audience Occupancy is yet reported but it will be very similar to evening one. Still the average audience Occupancy of the second day will be around 46 to 47 percent.

From here on, this film is heading towards 29 to 30 crores collection on day 2. That means, Thugs Of Hindostan will cross 82 crores nett in two days.

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