Sultan Vs Mission Impossible Fallout Advance Booking Collection Day 18 In China

Salman Khan’s Sultan is set to release on August 31, 2018 in China with a clash with Tom Cruise starring film Mission Impossible Fallout. Till now, Tom’s film ruling the roost at number one but Sultan is strongly picking up and remained at number two. Here are the detailed report of both the movies advance booking report in China after 18 days.

Sultan has so far earned 0.18 million dollars – 1.25 crores on the other hand MI:6 have collected 3.68 million dollars – 25.98 crores in China in 18 days advance booking.

Sultan got around 24187 shows with over 33 lakh admissions on the other side Tom Cruise film has got over 1.4 lakh shows and 6.2 lakh admissions till day 18. Both the films are on number one and two that means that it will be a strong clash between these two films.

Those who don’t know about Chinese fans taste about cinemas, they mostly prefer watching content oriented films from any country. They are matured audience and they will certainly applaud for both the films.

As, I have watched both the films and I am certain that Chinese fans will give warm welcome to both the movies in China on August 31. Now, let’s wait and see how Sultan grips the number 2 position and remains strong in the coming days.

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