Soul Brother. – I understood Sanjay Dutt like none else Coz I have a story like him

Debi Prasad Padhi is a freelance writer & An avid animal and nature lover who resides at Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Has come up with his latest book Soul Brother. – I understood Sanju like none else Coz I have a story like him.

This book has a special connection with bollywood superstar Sanjay Dutt.

Soul Brother is an allegory to a person whose thoughts, feelings, and attitudes closely match those of another, and this is a real-life story of a common man, who had a very topsy turvy uncommon life, with striking similarities to the life of actor Sanjay Dutt.

In the own words of the author– “I probably understood Sanjay Dutt and his actions in a way, nobody else can. As I grew up and turned over the pages of a film magazine, or watched entertainment news, there was his life unravelling before me which was so much similar to mine. His attitudes and reactions to situations were so similar to mine, as well as the subsequent result of it, that it made me always feel, he was a brother from another mother and father.

A deep connection is what I felt with him over the years, without ever meeting him, hence I dedicated the book to him and decided to release it on his birthday this year, as a token of love and respect for him. I will feel honored if he reads it someday.”

Debi Prasad Padhi After doing his MBA and having a stint in various corporates like MRF Tyres, Reliance Petroleum, Reliance Communication and Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited, he turned to free lancing and is currently associated with a few media houses at Odisha. He is a firm believer in the concept that there is only one religion – Humanity, and takes a strong stance against atrocity to animals, child molestation and eve teasing.

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