The Queen of BollywoOPERA Gioconda Vessichelli debuting as actress

After Gioconda Vessichelli and Salman Khan ‘s meeting it seems Salman has been enchanted by Gioconda’s opera voice and after he got goosebumps from Gioconda ‘s high pitch vocals, a great friendship has come out between the Queen of Opera and the King of Bollywood..we have spot them chatting a lot and laughing like old friends.

When we asked the famous Italian opera singer about the topic of their chat, she shortly replied, ” It has been a chat that just geniuous minds can understand”..Meantime the acclaimed opera singer has gone to Europe for her opera season and In July she’ll come back to India after to do her debut as actress in short movie.


Being an opera singer she has been acting live on stage for all her career long and now it s time to act in front of camera too! And India is opening the doors to her with this movie having an international plot where she’ll be the protagonist character.

The international Italian singer has sung in the Bollywood movie Prague in 2013, and she has given her voice for the Bollywood movie Mary Kom on the song “Ziddi dil” together with Vishal Dadlani. On 19 May her song “Itni si baat hai” has been released .On 14 February a second release with the biggest Asian label takes place “That’s amore” whose concept and typical gesture soon becomes viral. She has recently been spot during her opera season dancing on her song “That’s amore” in Puerto Rico where the “Despacito “song by Louis Fonsi has been shooted with lots of fans making her gesture “Chimbala”along with her

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