Monster Hunter Review, Box Office Result, Hit Or Flop In Theaters?

Monster Hunter is a time travel based SciFi film which released in USA On December 18, 2020. In India, Monster Hunter was the first major Hollywood release with over 1000 screens in India on February 5, 2021. The screentime of Monster Hunter is around 1 hour 43 minutes.

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The story base of this film remind you of Mad Max Fury Road (2015) as it has been largely shot in the deserted area. This film is based on Monster Hunter by Capcom, which is a video game of Japan, famous for making other games like Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Mega Man and Dead Rising.

The story of this film revolves around Milla Jovovich aka Artemis, who is a USA Army ranger members of United Nations Military team. She along with other military members going in the desert. Suddenly, out of no where, a storm blows take them to another world which is full of monsters. Here, the big monsters and big spiders killed almost everybody of Artemis team. Here, she met unfriendly way with Tony Jaa aka Hunter, who is an expert of killing monsters. Now, two of them are a mission to kill the giant monsters, will they able to do that together or will Artemis returns to her world is what you need to watch.

This film currently holds 5.3 stars ratings out of 10 on IMDB. It got 48 percent ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and 44 percent ratings on Metacritic website.

Monster Hunter is being written and directed by Paul W. S. Anderson. It is being produced by Jeremy Bolt, Mr. Paul, Dennis Berardi, Robert Kulzer and Martin Moszkowicz. The music has been given by Paul Haslinger and cinematography has been done by Glen MacPherson. The editing work helmed by Doobie White.

The budget of Monster Hunter movie is around USD 60 million – 436 crores. Well, the word of mouth and response of Monster Hunter is not up to the mark. Even, its collections fails to rake big money in international markets.

Bollywood Crazies Opinion: I was totally engrossed in watching larger than life Monster Hunter. The first 30 minutes were interesting and there were lot of action scenes. The good thing about this film is, it is high on action and less of story. The fight sequence between Tony Jaa and Milla Jovovich was my favourite. The VFX work was brilliant throughout the film. I personally loved the whole film as i found it larger than life and full of thrills. The camera angles were terrific and long shots were breathtaking. The editing work was brilliant, especially during fight scenes. The story loses its control after 45 to 50 minutes and then you don’t understand when and how the film will end. The makers have kept a hope of the sequel and let’s wait and see.

Altogether, Monster Hunter is a film that you should watch if you are a fan of Jurrasic Park and Mad Max world.

Last word: Watch it for its action scenes and unusual story plot. Also watch it for Tony Jaa, Milla Jovovich and offcourse the Monsters.

Bollywood Crazies Ratings: Monster Hunter Review- First Class (60 Percent out of 100).

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