LOL Hasse Toh Phasse Review, Box Office Result, Hit Or Flop On OTT?

Lol Hasse Toh Phasse is one of the latest webseries that released on Amazon Prime on April 30, 2021. The overall screentime of this webseries is around 2 hours 38 minutes with each episode consisting of 28 to 30 minutes. There are a total of 5 episodes.

Photo Courtesy: AmazonPrime-LolHasseTohPhasse

The story of this comedy webseries is like 10 comedians have to live in a big house for 6 hours. The only condition is if you laugh, you will loose the game. The winner of this show will get Rs. 25 Lakhs. There is also a rule, if you laugh for the first time than you will get a Yellow card but if you laugh on second time you will get Red card and you have to leave the show. The show has been hosted by Arshad Warsi and Boman Irani. Who will win the show is interesting to know?

The contestants are Cyrus Broacha, Mallika Dua, Aakash Gupta, Kusha Kapila, Gaurav Gera, Aadar Malik, Aditi Mittal, Ankita Shrivastav, Suresh Menon, and Sunil Grover.

Bollywood Crazies Opinion: Lol Hasse Toh Phasse is one of its own kind of unique comedy series. Honestly, I didn’t find it funny, as it was majorly irritating. Though, I did like the comedy of Suresh Menon, Gaurav Gera, Sunil Grover and Mallika Dua in this show. It is not easy to make others laugh and you can see that in this series as well. I think the concept was half baked and could have been much better. Still, I like the show abit to see all these comedians together on a same place. I feel like, the makers want to make audience laugh but things turned awry. Still, you can go for it as there is something new to the platter for the audience. All the comedians have given their heart and soul in this series and so we all must appreciate it. It is like the shortest version of Bigg Boss in a comedy way.

Lol Hasse Toh Phasse budget hasn’t been revealed yet but it would reportedly be in a range of 2-4 crores minimum.

Altogether, Lol Hasse Toh Phasse is one of its kind show where Boman Irani and Arshad Warsi make you laugh more than the contestants.

Last word: Watch this series for its unique concept and few comedy gags. It feels good to see Sunil Grover, Suresh Menon and Gaurav Gera for a long time.

Bollywood Crazies Ratings: Lol Hasse Toh Phasse Review- Average (50 Percent out of 100).

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