Lip Sing Battle Is Another Flop Show On Television After The Drama Company!

Wasting money on some illogical shows is the new trend for TV Channels. We already have a show that tests our patience, The Drama Company and now we have another new show of the same level, Lip Sing Battle.

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We know the channel needs to compete with other channels and their shows. But, this is certainly not the great move by the channel for launching Lip Sing Battle, starring Farah Khan and Ali Asgar.

There are few absurd rules of Lip Sing Battle that seems funny but they are not. Lip Sing Battle is the Indian version of the famous US show Lip Sync Battle, which was hosted by Jimmy Fallon.
In this show, we have already witnessed Parineeti Chopra’s act as a look-alike Govinda, Raveena Tondon performing as Anil Kapoor’s get-up and now we will see Shilpa Shetty in the avatar of Amitabh Bachchan. Don’t you all think, it is too weird and awkward to see them in such way?

Well, even after doing so much things in this particular show, there is no laugher witnessed anywhere. This show might not be the right show for the good TRP rating. All, I can say that Lip Sing Battle is following the lines of The Drama Company, which is yet another flop show on TV.

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