Jinder Mahal Praises The Great Khali For His Match Win Against Randy Orton

Jinder Mahal, who faces Randy Orton on Battleground, has praised The Great Khali for behind his back. Khali has come to a savior to Jinder in the Punjabi Prison match. If it wasn’t The Great Khali behind his back, he might have lost the match.


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Talking about the same to Indian express, Jinder Mahal said, “Shock is the reaction that I wanted to give to Randy Orton and the WWE universe. It is very hard to shock the WWE Universe nowadays as they have witnessed everything over the years. But tonight we left everyone in awe and wonder.”

He further said, “Not only on SmackDown live but also on the entire WWE, I run the show and call the shots. With the Great Khali behind me, I am truly unstoppable.”

On his fight with Randy Orton, Jinder Mahal said, “I put the ‘vipers’ legacy to rest. I beat a fourteen time World Champion three times in a row. Whose legacy am I going to put to rest – maybe John Cena. He has a legacy of his own, I would like love nothing more than to use his legacy as a stepping stone and cement my own legacy.”

Jinder also spoke about his good friendship with Khali and said, “I have a great relationship with Khali, he is like my older brother. As Indians, we stick together. He was the first person I contacted after announcing the Punjabi Prison Match. We are in contact all the time and he is one of my role models and I want to follow his footsteps. He has helped put India on the map of WWE and I hope he is happy with my performance at Battleground.”

Altogether, Jinder Mahal is all happy with his win over Viper Randy Orton.

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