Cinema Theaters To Operate In Maharashtra With 50 Percent Occupancy From October 22

Maharashtra Government has announced their new Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for the opening of Cinema Theaters in the state. Almost a month ago, local government has assured to members of Hindi Film Industry that the cinema halls will be opening from October 22. Though, the SOP wasn’t been revealed at that time but now the government has officially revealed it’s new SOP on October 11, 2021. As per the new rules, Cinema Halls in Maharashtra to be allowed with 50 percent occupancy from October 22, 2021.


2 Doses of vaccines hasn’t made mandatory by the Maharashtra Government for people who will come to watch movies in a cinema theaters. Well, the twist in the tail is, if the cinema theaters are there in side a Mall than two doses of vaccine is mandatory. That means, for those who will watch movies only in cinema theaters outside a mall, have no issues in getting an entry. They can enter the cinema halls without even a single dose but for the Malls, both doses of covid vaccine is needed as per the early reports.

All big and small producers of Bollywood were waiting for Maharashtra Governement’s SOP and now it is revealed. That means, the promotions of Sooryavanshi and Antim will begin around Dussehra which is on October 15, 2021.

As per SOP, the staff of the Cinema Theaters should have to be fully vaccinated. Government has especially focused on crowd management in cinema theaters.

Another major update about Cinema Theaters are, the theaters would be allowed to fully function till late, like it used to be earlier. No time issues will be there for cinemas to operate, not even on Sunday.

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