Cinema Bandi Review, Box Office Result, Hit Or Flop On OTT?

Cinema Bandi is the 2021 Telugu film which was officially released on OTT platform Netflix on May 14, 2021. The screen time of this cinematic comedy drama film is around 1 hour 38 minutes.

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Story: The story of this film revolves around an autorikshaw driver Vikas Vasistha aka Veera Babu, who finds a camera at the back side of his rikshaw. Instead of returning the camera, he thinks to make a movie which will include his whole village. He plans to make a film as he has seen in few of the news channels about the earnings of big films. Now, Veerababu took help to his friend Sandeep Varanasi aka Ganapathi and Rag Mayur aka Maridesh Babu to make a love story based film. Veerababu’s new fanaticism over movies did have upsetted his wife and even the villagers. Will, Veerababu and his team ever be able to make a film in the village is what the story is all about. Apart from the above mentioned name, there are several other characters in this low budgeted film which will excite you Trishara aka Divya, and Uma YG as Manga.

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The reviews of Cinema Bandi was quite positive and it has been rated in a range of 3 to 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. This film currently holds 8 stars out of 10 stars on IMDB.

Bollywood Crazies Opinion: Why we love cinema is what actually being told in this film. This film talks about the magic of cinema and its visuals in our mind, just like we have witnessed in Italian film Cinema Padariso in 1988. May be the debutant director could have been inspired from such movies which is why he made a pretty good film Cinema Bandi. This film is raw, rooted in villages and gives the right sense of feeling we needed as an audience. It also give us a thrill that we used to live in the good old days when a cinema comes only twice a week on television. The beauty of this film lies in its simplistic setup and presentation. There are shots which not only looks classy but also gives us a good feeling as an audience. This kind of film must be shown to all the budding filmmakers if they are really love this art of filmmaking. The music is decent and so the songs. The editing is also pretty ok but yes I am impressed by the cinematographer for his visuals. The core message of this film is also about that every one is a filmmaker by a heart, and actually it is pretty true. The director also showcases the struggle of a common man in the village. There is a scene where Veera Babu puts a camera battery into the plug for charging but his wife wants to watch a movie on TV. As there is only one plug in the house for electricity and that scene has been beautifully shot. The heart of this film is at the right place and that’s why you will like this film. In sort, it is a perfectly presented small budget indie type of film that you can relate easily.

Cinema Bandi movie has been directed by Praveen Kandregula. It has been written by Vasanth Maringanti. The screenplay of this film have been done by Krishna Prathyusha, Vasanth and Praveen. Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K. are the producers of this film. The cinematography work have been handled by Apoorva Shaligram and Sagar Y VV. The editing work done by Karkarla Dharmendra and Girijala Raviteja. The musical score have been taken care by Satyavolu Sirish and Varun Reddy.

Cinema Bandi movie budget hasn’t been revealed by the makers but it could have been in a range of 2 to 3 crores maximum.

Altogether, Cinema Bandi is one of the rare films from India that actually inspire everyone to be a filmmaker.

Last Word: Watch it for its story and direction. Also watch it for its prime characters.

Bollywood Crazies Ratings: Cinema Bandi Movie Review- Brilliant (80 Percent out of 100).

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