Bobby Darling Slams Legal Notice Against Her Husband

Famous for doing unique characters in Bollywood, Bobby Darling is currently in a lot of trouble and wants to file a divorce against her husband. As per the Bombay Times Report, she accuses her husband on the grounds of domestic violence.


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Bobby Darling had changed her name to Pakhi Sharma after her marriage to businessman Ramnik Sharma in 2016. Talking about the whole issue, Bobby Darling said, “Ramnik would beat me up after getting drunk and accuse me of having extramarital affairs with every second man.

He also usurped my property and money. He made me give him co-ownership of my flat in Mumbai and did the same when we bought our penthouse in Bhopal. He also bought a SUV using my money immediately after the marriage. Now, I am left with nothing. He had paid the building’s security guards to keep an eye on me, and they would inform him of all my moves. He kept a tab on who I spoke with and where I went. Tired of the constant bickering, I suggested that we get divorced with mutual consent, but on the condition that I would get my property and the car back.However, he didn’t agree to it. He would, in fact, beat me to because will in his name. I want my property back so that I can sell it off and move back to Mumbai.”

When her husband Ramnik was approached for the same, he told a whole new story. He asserted, “Bobby is lying blatantly. She is the one who fled with my property papers, money and gold, and I have filed a FIR against her. She was after my money. I have never hit her. In fact, I went against my entire family to marry her. She lied to me that she’ll be able to conceive, but after learning that she won’t be able to, I requested her to either try IVF or adopt a baby. But she didn’t want to take the responsibility of raising a child.”

Altogether, Bobby Darling seems to be in a lot of trouble after all these dramas.

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