Atmika Tiwari’s Snow Records released “Special Class” featuring Divya Upadhyay and Pankaj Joshi by Singer Adyy Worldwide

The audience was astounded by urban haryanvi song ‘Special Class,’ another blockbuster from Snow Records. A label inspired by the desire to provide the audience with exceptional entertainment, has featured Divya Upadhyay and Pankaj Joshi (PJ). The song is a beautiful romantic track and singer Adyy’s voice perfectly captures the couples’ love and melancholy in this music video. While the lovers in the song wow the audience with their lovely expressions, their romance is breathtaking. The theme of the song is set in the small town of India which perfectly depicts the glimpse of old school romance.


Adyy wrote and sang the upbeat Urban Haryanvi song “Special Class,” which glorifies the collegiate romance in the territories of northern India (Countryside). The main focus of the song is on the guy, “Pankaj Joshi”, who asks Divya, his girlfriend, out on a date while anxiously trying to find her and trying to wow her by showcasing his desi flair.

In order to see each other and paint the picture together, the guy asks the girl to lie to her parents and claim to be in a “Special Class.” The song’s melodic composition and blend of folk and urban beats entice listeners to dance along with the beat.

Talking about the concept of the song director TJ Bainsla says, “It’s a haryanvi song so we had to focus on the story of the song. We had to include all the small detailing along romantic fun elements. So I had to make proper storyline for it and when it was ready my producer Atmika Tiwari told me that you make it. And our main motto was that the audience should be able to connect with it. The story line of the song is very relatable for everyone who had to take a special class to meet that special someone”.

“In the era of modernisation, we wanted to create a song that brings the essence of 90’s love of the northern parts of the country and Special Class is the one. It is urban haryanvi peppy track that embraces the love of college life. I want to Thanks to my team who make this happen”, says producer Atmika Tiwari.

Snow Records is unstoppable, with an incredible lineup of projects that will leave fans wanting more. Music by Arrow Soundz, directed by TJ Bainsla and Akshay Joshey, produced by Atmika Tiwari, Sanjog Tiwari and TJ Bainsla himself the peppy number is now streaming on Snow Record’s official YouTube channel and other sreaming platforms don’t miss it.

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