Arrest Warrant Issued Against Bigg Boss 11 Contestant Arshi Khan

One of the most popular contestants in the Bigg Boss 11 house, Arshi Khan is in legal trouble. A Jalandhar based court has issued an arrest warrant against Arshi Khan in an old case.


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We all know that Arshi Khan has entered in the Bigg Boss 11 house on October 1, 2017. Since then, she is still in the house and playing a good game. According to Arshi’s publicist Flynn Remedios, the warrant is valid but he has managed to get a stay order until January 15, as Arshi is inside Bigg Boss house.

Talking about the Arrest warrant, Flynn said, “An arrest warrant was issued against Arshi Khan on Monday by a Jalandhar magistrate’s court. I could not attend the court as I was down with fever and as we all know, Arshi Khan is locked inside the Bigg Boss house. Arshi Khan has been inside the Bigg Boss house since October 1st and this was the third time that the case came up for hearing in the last three months”

He further added, “However, on producing proof that Arshi Khan is locked up inside the Bigg Boss house, the court was pleased to stay the execution of the warrant until January 15, 2018. In simple terms, this means that the arrest warrant still exists and is not canceled, but the police will not take action until January 15. If Arshi Khan attends the court before that, the warrant may be cancelled or else the police will execute the warrant.”

A few years back, Arshi Khan has embroiled herself in the controversy due to painting a national flag on her body. Meanwhile, she is in the Bigg Boss house.

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