Anurag Kashyap’s Logical Answer On Padmavati Controversy

In last one month, we have heard a lot about Padmavati movie, especially in a negative way. Earlier this film was about to release on December 1 but now it has been delayed for an infinite period. Many political and social groups in India have protested against this film as they felt this movie has distorted history of Padmavati. At the latest, Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap was asked about the same and he gave a very logical answer to it.


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Talking to, Anurag Kashyap said, “My opinion will not solve the issue. I do not think anything about this issue. In fact, I wonder why the media is thinking about it.”

He further added, “I think media is the most irresponsible community right now. Why are they asking the same question to all of us and collecting our opinion on the same? Has it solved the issue? In a way, constant talk on the topic is creating more fear in our mind. Fear is something those groups (referring to Karni Sena and others) are trying to create. By asking the question, media did not solve the issue but paid attention to some regional groups. They are taking advantage of it.”

Anurag’s view is a logical one as he thinks media is highlighting this issue without any big reason. Mostly, we see Anurag’s film in trouble, whether in terms of certification from Censor Board or with piracy issues.

Altogether, He knows the depth of Padmavati issue and that’s why he gave a logical take on it.

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