5 Worst Films Of Aamir Khan That Proves He Is Not Mr. Perfectionist

Aamir Khan has started doing Bollywood films in the late 80’s and till now he is doing big films. Over the last 30 years, Aamir Khan has done a different kind of roles in these films. He is now being considered as Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood. But, he also has his range of flop films, that are worst enough to see it now. Here we will talk about Aamir Khan’s 5 worst films that prove he is not Mr. Perfectionist.


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1. Daulat Ki Jung (1992)
Released in the early 90’s, this film talks about two family rivalries. Interestingly, Aamir Khan and Juhi Chawla belong to opposite rival families but they love each other. This is the story, which we use to see quite often in the 80’s and 90’s era. This film was inspired by Hollywood film Mackenna’s Gold.


2. Jawani Zindabaad (1990)
Aamir Khan and Farha Naaz starring Jawani Zindabaad talk about the dowry system in India. This film deals with the life of young people who pledge to eradicate dowry by not accepting or giving it. It was another average film from Aamir.


3. Tum Mere Ho (1990)
Being a snake charmer, Aamir Khan has proved that he can do any kind of roles, just for the sake of money. Yes, this is not at all a logical film and the whole story is fictional. By looking at this film, we can say that Aamir Khan has transformed himself in a big way.


4. Aatank Hi Aatank (1995)
This is one of the rare films where we see Aamir Khan along with Rajinikanth at the box office. This film was being inspired by Hollywood movie The Godfather, starring Marlon Brando.


5. Mela (2000)
Aamir Khan with his real brother Faizal Khan has spoiled this movie in a big way. Even, Twinkle Khanna is equally played her worst role in this film. We haven’t seen the brother duo again in any other Bollywood film.

Altogether, these are the 5 worst roles of Aamir Khan in Bollywood films.

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