5 Reasons Why Suriya Is The Most Popular Actor In Tamil Film Industry

Suriya, who is celebrating his 42nd birthday, has made a name for himself in the Tamil Film Industry. He debuted in the film industry with Nerukku Ner in 1997 but he rose to fame with his epic role in Kaakha Kaakha in 2003. Here we have enlisted 5 reasons why Suriya is the most popular star in Tamil Industry.


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5 Reasons Why Suriya Is Extremely Popular In Tamil Film Industry:

1. Versatility
Just like Aamir Khan in Bollywood, Suriya is a versatile actor and can pull any role with ease. For example, he played a triple role in 2016 hit film24. Even after working almost 20 years, he still can surprise us with his characters.

2. Hotness factor
He is one of the most handsome actors in Kollywood and he also has an extensive female following. When you see him performing on the silver screen, you can’t take your eyes away from him. As he will mesmerize you with his acting.

3. Popularity
One of the good thing in South Cinema is, their fans are extremely loyal and they are always their for the star, whether the film is hit or a flop. That thing is invisible in terms of Bollywood fan following. All his fans feel proud of his movies and they promote it fiercely.

4. Memorable roles
Few roles like Singham, Ghajini and the one in Kakha Kakha are some of his best roles. No one will forget that kind of performance. In Vaaranam Aayiram film, he played a double role and pulled it off with great conviction. Even his recent 24 film roles are praiseworthy.

5. His Love For Jyothika

Suriya knows Jyothika since the days of Kakha Kakha in 2003. He always respects her, no matter what. He doesn’t tell her to do anything at home and even Jyothika asserted once that she never prepared a coffee for him till date.

Altogether, Suriya is the number one star of Kollywood. And we wish him a very happy birthday.

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