2Point0 Movie Morning Audience Occupancy And Box Office Prediction Day 12 In Hindi

2Point0 had a great second weekend so far and now it has entered in its weekdays. From here on, 2Point0 future seems bleak as the ticket price will also be reduced and it is also getting a competition with Kedarnath.

So far, 2.0 has collected over 166 to 167 crores till 11 days in Hindi, which means it has a great chance to cross 190 crores at the box office. Today is second Monday for this film and it would have opened around 10 to 12 percent audience occupancy.

On day 12, 2Point0 can collect around 4 to 5 crores max and that will take its total around 171 to 172 crores. Made with a 600 crores budget, 2.0 is already termed as a superhit film by the trade experts. So, this film has already recovered the budget especially in the Hindi Circuit. In worldwide scale, 2.0 had almost touched 600 crores, which is a good sign for the movie.

Meanwhile, 2Point0 movie has around 2000 to 2200 screens and it will soon face a competion with Aquaman which is releasing in India on December 14. So, it would be interesting to see how 2Point0 stays at the box office in front of mighty Aquaman.

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5 comments on “2Point0 Movie Morning Audience Occupancy And Box Office Prediction Day 12 In Hindi

  1. Neeraj Chauhan

    Akki power hai i think 200 crore kar legi movie because kedarnath abhi release hui hai fhir bhi kedarnath ke 3rd day yani Sunday or 2.O Ke 11TH day Ka Collection jyada hai

    Kedarnath Sunday collection 10.25 crore
    Robot 11th day collection 12.33 crore

    To Safh Dikh Raha Hai 195-200 crore hona hee Chahiye


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