Salman Khan Saved Veergati Co-star Pooja Dadwal Life Who Was Battling From Tuberculosis

Salman Khan, who has been known for his blockbuster films, has another side of his life, where he does humanitarian work through his NGO Being Human. Lately, he saved the life of Her Veergati actress Pooja Dadwal, who was diagnosed with Tuberculosis in March 2018.

Pooja, who was being abandoned by her family and friends, seeked help from Salman Khan in March month. When Salman Khan got to know about her poor health, he instantly helped the actress monetarily through his NGO. His NGO has taken her care for last five months in the hospital and now she has been discharged.

When, she was admitted in Sewri Hospital of TB, her weight was only 23 kgs. TB has affected her lungs and she was also being depressed. But it was her will power and Salman Khan support, which helped her to stand on her feet again.

Currently, she gained over 20 kgs weight and now she went to Goa to feel the life again. Doctors have advised her to come for medical checkup till another 2 months.

After getting so much help from Salman Khan, Pooja said it’s because of him that she survived. She thanked Salman Khan.

Altogether, this is yet another proof why Salman Khan has millions of followers across the world.

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